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Research in action – projecting demand for a second campus

One of my favorite parts of applied research is… well… its application. Back in 2003, TST helped Columbus State Community College project demand for a second college campus and determine where said campus might be located. We used GIS mapping, surveys and focus groups with students and stakeholders as well as a RDD survey of the four county area surrounding Columbus to provide CSCC with the information they needed to make a good decision. TST documented and projected enrollment trends, created demographic and lifestyle profiles of current and potential future students and highlighted potential barriers and supporting factors that could impact demand for (and construction of) a second campus.

Artist rendering of second Columbus State Community College campus

On June 28th, the ribbon cutting for the second campus (located very near one of the locations we suggested 7 years ago!) will take place.  I’d like to think we helped provide the foundation for that building – pun intended.