In continuous operation since 1996, The Strategy Team, Ltd.’s work has two primary focus areas:


We help expert witnesses, large litigation consultancies, and law practices argue cases more effectively, by ensuring the data they collect and report to the court are of the utmost accuracy and reliability. Our experience in this area includes work with expert witnesses who were asked to provide opinions in class action lawsuits alleging (1) unpaid wages / unpaid overtime (2) unpaid expense reimbursements (3) rest and meal period violations (4) trademark confusion and (5) misleading advertising claims.  We also work with organizations that are asked to provide opinions in lawsuits regarding the social and economic effects of human-caused events that allegedly damaged environmental resources.


We help businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental bodies collect and interpret accurate, reliable measures of public opinion. This is accomplished either by conducting original research or by reviewing previously collected data. Our experience in this area includes substantial work with post-secondary educational institutions, nonprofit organizations (including a number of organizations focused on the issue of climate change), professional associations, and state and local governments, among others.


If you are looking for a marketing research partner for a consumer insights, community affairs, or community impact project, please see The Strategy Team, Ltd.’s sister company, ILLUMINOLOGY.