Orie V. Kristel, Ph.D., Principal

OrieHis Background in Academic Research: Orie V. Kristel earned a B.S. in psychology from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and a M.A. and Ph.D. in social psychology from The Ohio State University. Social psychology uses the scientific method to better understand how individuals think, feel, and act in social situations. His academic training emphasized the study of both the theory and application of “how to influence others,” the measurement of attitudes and attitude strength, the power of accountability demands, the construction and application of research designs, and quantitative data analysis.

His Background in Applied Research: Orie completed his first applied social science research project as a college senior, when he collected and reported client satisfaction data for a medical care provider in the Philadelphia area. As a 17-year social science research veteran who is ivory-tower trained and real-world experienced, he has successfully managed and led hundreds of projects. He appreciates and embraces every opportunity to design and deliver high-quality, usable research to his clients and partners.

Organizational Role: Dr. Kristel shares responsibility for leading the organization’s public opinion consultation projects.

You can download Orie Kristel’s resume here.